This blog is about reading and writing, place and time. Sometimes it is about the elusive now, about this five minutes. It is an exploration and hopefully will become a conversation. I find the present as hard to grasp sometimes as history, histories, or deep time. Night and day and the seasons make so much more sense in the body.

This blog is a place for writing about writing and reading, and for images. My definition of reading is broad, and includes films and music. There will be occasional reviews, quotes, and links to research and resources. And explorations of untimeliness.

I will also invite you to share your writing sometimes. I plan to do this on the Solstices and Equinoxes. I have yet to work out how to do this technically, but will find out soon. Listen for the call.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful review of ‘From this’ Sarah – how lovely to find you in the ‘blogger-sphere’ – been meaning to look you up again! The lovely singer from the show, Ruth O’Brien, is Anthony’s girlfriend – isn’t she great? Now I’ve found you here I will stay in touch…with love and best wishes to you and yours, Kathy

  2. Oh Kathy we found each other again! Yes I have been wanting to be in touch too. Ruth is a wonderful singer! ‘From this’ really moved me as you can see, I was compelled to try and capture something of my experience. And the best to you and yours too dear Kathy!

  3. Hi Sarah, not a reply, just wanted to say I LOVE your haiku in Garema Place. I see different things in it every time I encounter it. Bless you, Demetri

    • Thanks so much, Demetri! I am so happy you like that haiku. It means a great deal to me that you enjoy it and it is lovely of you to share that with me. I love all the art works through Civic, encountering and re-encountering them as part of the daily round is really enriching. Lovely to hear from you.

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