Equal and angles, writing from an Equinox

A road in an island of green in the Pu'u Loa lava fields, The Big Island, Hawaii

A road in an island of green in the Pu’u Loa lava fields, The Big Island, Hawaii

Artists respond. It is their joy, their craft, their life, and for writers in particular, an eternal riddle. And remember, we are all makers and storytellers. How happy that makes me.

Thank you so much writers Melissa, Deborah and Vita for accepting my Invitation to Write. I asked you to write freely in response to the word Equal and the word Angles, for five minutes each.

So readers, now read with the knowledge that this is new, like the slow lava flow of Pu’u Loa, rising up, beginning the processes of layering and creation. It’s raw, it’s hot, it’s wondrous, it is potential and essence all in one.



Is my love equal to yours? I mean the volume of my feelings, do you have the same volume? Calculating mathematically, apart from , I think a cone might be the right formula, with the big end pointing towards you. 1/3 × pi × r2 × h. The tip of the end is somewhere inside me, maybe at the beginning of the universe, or, more likely, connected to a fragment of mitochondria inside me x 1/3. I think you love me 1.7% more than I love you. But on other days, I love you more. Maybe osmosis has something to do with it.



Equal music. Equal time. Equal score.
 Equal – that line where still water meets calm sky. Blue reflecting blue. Where distance means nothing. Above the same as below. A part of the other. All life and death in the same realm, part of the same story, mirroring the other. A small boat appears on the line far away, slowing making its way across the invisible separation. Which side is it on? The top or the bottom? The water a mirror. Which is the sky? Which is the water? For if I stood on my head and looked again from upside down, the image won’t have changed. Blue on blue, and a little boat, coming or going?


Ok then, I’ll meet you at the corner. The right angle. All things sharp, acute, rigid. We’ll have to then decide which way to go – to turn at 90 deg down the side-street, or keep on going straight up at 180 deg. This is the pointy end of things, where things come to the peak, the way you like it. Just decide and do it is the way you operate, go this way or that, and then it’s done. We will either go together, or you go one way and I go the other. Then we just do it. Logical and practical. All rulers and set squares.
My approach to things is more roundabouts and sweeping roads. Curvy lines. Gentle arcs and slow reveals of what’s ahead. Don’t force me in a direction until I’m ready. Driving around and around until I’ve decided which street to veer off on. Indecisive. The pencil in the compass. Drawing circles. Pirouette. We just operate at different speeds.



Eighties shoulder pads taking over my body like an alien invasion but mum says shoulders need to balance hips always. Prefer curves to angles because that’s what I’ve got in abundance. Angles are strict and overbearing like an angular nose yet somehow superior so I bow down to them … keeping something to myself…a silly putty of resentment moulded into an arrow (oh no angles so hard to avoid) to fire it like David against the angles with Goliath stature. Rise beautiful circles.


When something equals something it’s a good thing. A feelllinggg of mindless satisfaction and control. Like watching reality TV. But man and woman doesn’t equal child and that’s a bad feeling down inside that untouchable place. It is a lie then. And you don’t discover it is until you want it to really, really badly. Like when rain plus plant didn’t equal life and there I was in the dark waiting for rebirth and when I came out the sun was shining and maroon middles had shrunk into yellow flowers petals which dropped down dead. My three-year-old nephew said one plus three equals four and I said bravo. In time he’ll learn disappointment.

The flow continues

So much has been given in this writing. What gifts spring from five minute! So much contained and opened up. I’ve thought so much about love while reading these fragments. Lovers, children, parents, friends, families. And I see the beginnings of stories, poems, other forms of art in these small pieces. But they can also just be. Whatever the writer wishes.

Melissa, Deborah and Vita, when you read this writing what do you find you like, on an intuitive level, what do you respond to, what phrase or thought or sound?
It might even be something about the experience of writing it, rather than what is there. Think about this for your own pieces and each other’s.

It would be great if you put this in the replies to this post. Let’s see what happens. Think about my response as well, which I included in An Invitation to Write – an Update. I don’t want to miss out! Thank you. Merci beaucoup.

(The aerial image above was taken by Dylan Jones. All other images in this blog so far were taken by me.) If you want a nature photography fix you should check out Mt Majura and beyond …

An invitation to write update

By hand

By hand


Thanks for the posts I’ve received so far. (At the last Equinox in ‘An invitation to write’I suggested we write in response to the words Equal and Angle.) l will leave your wonderful responses in the wings (ready to be approved comments in WordPress) a little bit longer.

You beautiful writers! You surprise me every time not with your abilities ( because I know you’ve got those) but with your generosity. You  always push me way out there to some new space with  your words. We are so often in awe of each other.

Those of you who know me a little through social media or otherwise may have guessed I’m not physically where I usually am. ( What a strange shape that sentence has, but I quite like its oddness.) I’ve suddenly found extemporising or playing with the words Equal and Angle to be a bit difficult, something I would normally find easy. I have  actually been scared of doing it. Good lesson, Sarah. The simple can become difficult, and the difficult simple. Remember that second one, don’t dwell on the first.

Don’t forget your physical surroundings and habits when asking yourself to be creative. The comfy dozy bed and notebook and pencil, the favourite cafe, the piece of paper on the kitchen table, the trusty computer screen, can all be triggers to making it easier.
They can be big props and reminders that you have written in the past and will in the future and maybe even be able to write now. Also try not to be hard on yourself. So self talk here ) stop it Sarah, it’s ok. It’s OK. You don’t have your usual things to remind you that you can write. Remember those students who have hidden that they can’t do this free association thing on call, but then did it later? It is OK. We learn together and we learn from each other. So here goes.


equal equal the qwa in my mouth a purse a birdcall I’ve been stuck on equality that difficult concept it’s aspiration it’s holy truth so I return to the sound and remember that this is a different word for a while just a sound I’m talking you round equal equal quill quill sugar free coffee but chemical sweet inside and outside night and day a place where they are equal a time where they are equal give me equal time equal respect equal pay equal work equal space in this place let us all have this don’t look down on me with ice eyes let your thoughts be heard don’t do this to me alone so no one sees and no one believes I remember again oh how could I forget I’m not equal because you can hurt me and you will because you like it and how did this come to be. stop. equal equal your hand clamps my arm and my blood stops pumping because love and hate are equal the same no equal not equal? Should be peaceful and this is not husbands or lovers or children but … people, I don’t know how those that  hurt try to hurt them more because?

Sorry guys. That was what was there.

Oh a funny one a bit off centre where am I looking I wish I hadn’t started this this way angle angle angels mis spellings spelling tests wanting a full score a right angle a triangulation it’s the canny way to triangulate to obfuscate to strategic ate my elbow my arse anglearium. I wanna atrium. Angle in my brain brain coral. Why do angle eyes appear Mary Queen of Scots.

This was all darker than expected, and I can assure you I’m in a good place at the moment.

And I look back and I think mmmm maybe I could write a story about an Anglearium that needs an atrium, main character – a designer or someone who is just brought in to think about what is possible a developer of sorts – it could be about equality in so many aspects – sounding sci fi – I’m feeling attracted to sci fi at the moment – but never really written it – just a tiny bit – oh I’ve got myself in a mess of trouble how can I possibly write this. Well – I’ll start and guess what? I have already.